Oiler State Occupational TherapyMental Health Department

Our Focus: Client-centered care, functional occupation, and personal satisfaction.
Our Goals: Assertiveness, Decision-Making Skills, Health & Wellness, Independence, Interpersonal Skills, Medication Management, Motivation, Problem-Solving Skills, Self-Actualization, Self-Awareness, Stress Management.
Our Consumers: Adults diagnosed with Mood Disorders, Anxiety Disorders, Personality Disorders, Schizophrenia, Substance Abuse.
Our Staff: Joseph Bulmahn, SOT; Jessica Giordano, SOT; Angela Meyers, SOT; Laura Oman, SOT; Greg White, SOT. 
Our Facility
Oiler State Mental Health is a non-profit organization providing acute in-patient, residential and out-patient services to mentally ill adolescents and adults. It was founded with the belief that buckeyes with little or no resources should have access to the same high quality services available as those with the ability to pay. The department houses a 25-bed acute psychiatric hospital serving adults and adolescents.
We utilize an innovative, interdisciplinary Wellness Program providing multi-leveled support with a focus on using occupations to help mentally ill men and women already living in the community who are struggling to maintain their independence and psychological stability.

Interdisciplinary Team
The Oiler State Behavioral Interdisciplinary Team consists of OTs, physicians, psychologists, social workers, therapists, care coordinators, occupational therapists students, drug and alcohol therapists, and nurses specializing in psychological care. This provides patients with a high level of expertise and a continuum of care that addresses not only their behavioral needs, but their medical as well as occupational needs. By addressing all of the patient’s symptoms and occupational deficiencies, the team can better care for all conditions, which are often interrelated. This holistic approach with an emphasis on activities and occupations provides the best possible outcome for our clients.

Extensive Therapy Services
The more therapy options available to a patient, the more likely they will find therapy treatment that works for them. The Oiler State Behavioral Outpatient Services provides a full range of therapy services, such as occupational therapy, group therapy, individual therapy, exercise groups, health and wellness management, stress management, socializing skills and instrumental activities of daily living skills. Additionally we help our clients establish positive and productive routines and habits to aid in full engagement in occupation.

Patient Story
"Joe" was struggling for years with major depression. Some days he could hardly find the energy to get out of bed and go to work, some days he didn't. Over time his relationships with his wife and child plunge and he began eating less and less. Finally, after swallowing 2 bottles of omega 3 fish oil in an unsuccessful suicide attempt Joe was admitted to Oiler State Acute Care until his digestive tract was stable. After his digestive system settled he admitted himself to the mental health department. Joe "just couldn't take it anymore" and knew he was in full blown occupational imbalance. Joe immersed himself in several groups while in the department. He especially loved making crafts for his kids. With the support of so many caring professionals he was able to overcome his depression and suicidal thoughts. With the help of the student occupational therapists on staff he found productive and meaningful ways to fill his time with healthy occupations. Prior to the program he was drinking 12 Bud Lites per day, sometimes with lime, other times without. He traded in his empty beer bottles for healthier alternatives like gardening, jogging, and translating 80s classic movies into Latin. His wife and children are greatful to have the "old dad" back and their relationships have never been better. After discharge he joined a support group sponsored by Oiler State Mental Health and helps others who suffer from depression and helps guide them to healthier activities and occupations that give their lives meaning. "The whole team there at Oiler is awesome, but those OTs and Student OTs are the bomb! I would have never turned my life around without them and now I'm thinking about applying to OT school!"

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